Bahamasair Abaco and Miami Update


Bahamasair wishes to advise the travelling public that the runway lights in Marsh Harbour are now working. As a result, we will resume our normal evening schedule effective Thursday – January 16, 2019. Additionally, Bahamasair wishes to advise all passengers traveling to and from our
Miami Station that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Screening Check Point at the Concourse G has resumed normal operations effective immediately. However, Bahamasair still encourages its passengers traveling in either direction to ensure that they arrive at least three (3) hours prior to departure to ensure adequate time for processing with the authorities, until such time as all issues related to the partial
US government shutdown is resolved.
We wish to thank the traveling public for their continued support and patience as we strive to be the airline of choice connecting the islands of The Bahamas to the world.

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