John Watling’s Distillery Begins Export To The United States

The signature JOHN WATLING'S logo will now be visible on shelves in the United States as the company announces it has begun exporting the award winning rums to the U.S. Market and offering the brand for sale online at (Photos courtesy of John Watlings for Barefoot Marketing)

John Watling’s Distillery, a Bahamian company, located at the 1789 Buena Vista Estate in Historic Downtown Nassau and named for a 17th Century buccaneer, announced today that on the 2 nd of January 2019 it began exporting its namesake rum to the United States of America and are now available for purchase at John Watling’s rums are named after John Watling, the English buccaneer who in the 1670s landed on San Salvador, Bahamas and named it after himself. In San Salvador, formerly known as Guanahani and later Watling Island, it is rumored that Watling’s treasure remains undisturbed at Fortune Hill. Watling’s men once wrote “…and t’was Gold the bait that tempted a Pack of merry Boys of us…” After close to 350 years, liquid gold now tempts those who enjoy the aged rums of John Watling’s.

The taste and signature packaging of the rum has made it a popular souvenir for visitors to The Bahamas thanks to Kelli Rolle and the over 20 Bahamians responsible for packaging each bottle JOHN WATLING’S. Each bottled is filled, corked and hand labelled with a handwoven sisal plait is carefully affixed to the neck. The keepsake bottles will now be accessible to brands customers in the United States.

(Photos courtesy of John Watlings for Barefoot Marketing)

John Watling’s rums are crafted from two distillates made from hand-cut sugarcane molasses that are aged in The Bahamas for 1 to 7 years in order to produce the Company’s namesake John Watling’s Pale, Amber, Single Barrel and Buena Vista rum brands. The pot stilled distillate delivers the rich and robust essence of JOHN WATLING’S rums and a continuous stilled distillate, distilled up to five times, delivers the lightness, softness, and smoothness. At John Watling’s Distillery, a group of dedicated Bahamians workers passes the light distillate through a filter containing charred coconut husks. This charcoal removes unwanted congeners or flavor components that are not desired in the final product. Meanwhile, the barrels selected for ageing are medium toasted, made from American white oak and previously used to make Bourbon. Close to 5% of the distillate being aged is lost annually due to evaporation and is known as the Angel’s Share. Once the distillate has been aged for 2 to 7 years, our Master Blender employs close to 175 years of Spanish, French and English know-how to craft each JOHN WATLING’S rum. His secret blending techniques
include blending the rums after ageing, during the ageing process, marrying, double barreling and in some instances not blending at all. These different techniques allow the Master Blender the different
distillates he needs to craft his art.

Head Mixologist Wilfred Sands will now have the pleasure of sharing his blends with customers outside of The Bahamas. JOHN WATLING’S Rums will be distributed in the United States by two companies, Park Street Imports, a technologically-driven provider of alcohol beverage importing and Passion Spirits, who will be responsible for making the product available for sale online through John Watling’s website.

After blending the rums they are left to rest for 24 hours. During the filling process, no pumps are used in order not to bruise the rum. The Company employs over 20 Bahamians instead of machines . to fill, cork and hand label each and every bottle. It is our commitment to the environment to use the least amount of mechanization possible. This is the reason why each bottle is hand-numbered and a sisal plait, hand‐woven by a female cooperative in Cat Island and South Andros, is carefully affixed to the neck of each bottle. At John Watling’s Distillery we manufacture our products the right way.

John Watling’s rums are the only Bahamian spirits listed as RECOMMENDED by the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago, Illinois. They have been recognized and awarded by “The Fifty Best” in New
York City, New York; BarLife Magazine from the Czech Republic; Rum Bahamas in Nassau, Bahamas; Taste of the Caribbean Competition in Miami, Florida, Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago, Illinois; and the
Concurso de Ron in Madrid, Spain. John Watling’s rums will be distributed in the United States by Park Street Imports, a technologically-driven provider of alcoholic beverage importing and by Passion Spirits who will make the product available for online sales.

The historic Buena Vista Estate in Downtown, Nassau is home to John Watling’s Distillery which is likely to become a more familiar name with residents in the United States now that the brand will be exported, distributed and available for purchase in the U.S. Market.

(Photos courtesy of John Watlings for Barefoot Marketing)

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