Minister Campbell Meets with HODs to Chart Course for New Year

Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Frankie Campbell conducts the recent Heads of Department meeting at the Ministry, accompanied by Permanent Secretary Sherrylee Smith and Urban Renewal Commission Acting Permanent Secretary David Cates. (BIS Photos)

Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Frankie Campbell, recently met with Heads of the various Departments and Divisions that fall under the auspices of the Ministry, to chart the course for the new year. The continuous improvement in the delivery of services to clients, in addition to enhanced communication (both internally and externally), were among the key matters addressed during the meeting. Minister Campbell was accompanied by Mrs. Sherrylee Smith, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development, and Mr. David Cates, Acting Permanent Secretary, Urban Renewal Commission.

Heads from the Department of Social Services, the Department of Rehabilitative and Welfare Services and the Department of Gender and Family Affairs, attended the meeting held at the Ministry’s headquarters, Aventura Plaza, John F. Kennedy Drive and Bethel Avenue. Also in attendance were Heads from the Urban Renewal Commission, Community Affairs Division, Senior Citizens Division, Disability Affairs Division, Research and Planning, Health Social Services, Community Support Services Division and Children and Family Services Division.

Minister Campbell applauded the various Departments/Divisions for the successes attained in meeting their mandate to clients over the course of 2018, but said there was no time for officials to “rest on their laurels.” “I subscribe to a philosophy of continuous improvement which suggests that there is no time to rest on your laurels,” Minister Campbell stated. “You have an achievement, you acknowledge it, you take time-out to celebrate it, and then you go right back at it because you occupy that big room – room for improvement.” Delivering his “Charge” to the various Heads, Minister Campbell said “continuous communication” across departments/divisions, and the clients they serve, will be crucial to continued successes.

“In order for that to happen, we must continuously be in communication — one with the other. We live in a dynamic world that is ever-changing. To ensure that everyone remains on the same page [with] likewise focus, it is necessary to communicate.” “Communication has to be effective to ensure that what is being said is understood. It has to be timely to ensure that what needs to be known, is known, in time for the necessary action or reaction. It needs to receive feedback to ensure that the message got where it was intended to get, and that what was intended to be said, is actually what is understood.”

Minister Campbell told the Heads that the adaptation of a culture of effective communication would engender good, professional relationships. “I know there is a benefit to be had. As we advance through 2019, transforming all that we do in 2019 and beyond, my wish is that we attach an extraordinary appreciation and value to greater communication. It is my fervent belief that if we seek to communicate in a timely, clear, concise, consistent manner, all else that we are trying to do will fall into place,” Minister Campbell added.

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