2019 Eleuthera Junior Junkanoo Parade


Our schools from Eleuthera wowed an enthusiastic audience on Friday with a dazzling show of artistry and musical prowess during the island’s 2019 Junior Junkanoo Parade, held in Rock Sound. Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture the Hon. Lanisha Rolle officially opened the festivities with a warm and energetic welcome stressing the importance of showing support to the children of the Family Islands during our cultural season.

Narrated by National Coordinator of Junior Junkanoo Henry Higgins, groups passed spectators while splendidly executing themes such as “Peter Pan and the Neverland Pirates” by the Green Castle Primary School, “Toys R Us” by the Governors Harbour Primary School, “Out of this world” by the Deep Creek Middle School and “Our Legacy” by the Central Eleuthera High School.  Also present at the festivities were Co-Chair of the National Junkanoo Committee Kishlane O’Brien, and Chief Clerk Clara Young.  (MOYSC Photos/Lisa C. Russell)

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