Bahamas Judo Announces Pan American Hopefuls


Bahamian Champions Cynthia Rahming -57Kg, Sasha Ingraham +78Kg and Joshua Mcfall (-73kg) recently attended a week-long training camp in Cancun Mexico with Head Coach Oneysi Portorreal-Pons. The purpose of the camp was to prepare hopefuls for the upcoming Pan American Games in July. “These are the athletes most likely to qualify” said Coach Pons “because they are doing the work!” He went on further to say that “the camp gave me everything I needed to evaluate them and take them to the next level. Now it’s time for more training.” Team training resumed at the National Training Center upon their return this past week.

The athletes will compete in two more qualifying events in Peru and Chile in hopes of being part of the multisport event the Pan Am Games. “We will make history as this will be the first time ever judo athletes from the Bahamas would have qualified for the Games.” said Pons. Persons wishing to assist Bahamas Judo in anyway can contact them at

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