CDU Cyber Crime Officer Briefs Education Administrators at Their Professional Development Workshop

Sgt. Kendra Wallace of the Criminal Detective Unit leads the first session on the Impact of Social Media on Schooling.

The Northern New Providence District of the Department of Education hosted its first Administrators Professional Development Workshop, Wednesday, at Grace Community Church. Franklin Lightbourne, District Education Officer, said the workshop was designed to enhance the professional leadership skills for district administrators and to address concerns that they are challenged with in managing and supervising their schools.

The administrators, who represented 8 secondary schools, 4 junior high schools and 3 special schools, participated in four sessions. Topics included: The Impact of Social Media on Schooling, Support Systems for Education, Standardizing the Assessment and Evaluation Process and Practices Procedures and Protocols of Administrators. The theme for the Workshop was “Understanding and Executing the five P’s for Effective School Leadership – Purpose, Planning, Policies, Practices and Partnerships.” Sgt. Kendra Wallace, Cyber Crime, Criminal Detective Unit, gave an overview of the effects of bullying and cyber-bullying. She underscored the legal consequences of cyber-bullying for students and adults and identified strategies to manage conflicts involving cyber-bullying.

Sgt. Wallace shared alarming stories of primary school students who acknowledged that they have lost parents through murder, witnessed seeing someone murdered and who proudly admitted to being members of gangs. She told the administrators of the powerful responsibility that they have. “These kids are running from a home where there is chaos, violence, gangs, and persons are recruiting them and telling them they are nobodies. They are coming from home to you for refuge.” “Everybody has a part to play. Are you a part of the problem or the solution? We are more similar than different. We have to open our hearts a little bit more. The key word is love,” said Sgt. Wallace.

Administrators are pictured interacting at the Workshop.

Franklin Lightbourne, District Education Officer, is pictured along with other administrators of the Northern New Providence District.

An administrator joins CDU’s Sgt. Kendra Wallace in instructive segment.

An administrator joins CDU’s Sgt. Kendra Wallace in instructive segment.

An administrator joins CDU’s Sgt. Kendra Wallace in instructive segment.

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