Royal Bahamas Defence Force Recruitment Exercise


The Royal Bahamas Defence Force is presently accepting applications for its next Recruitment Exercise. Special consideration will be given to candidates with skill sets in the following areas:
 Marine Technician (mechanical, electrical, electronics, heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), welding)
 Culinary Arts
 Pilots
 Information Technology and Information Management Specialist
 Construction technology (carpentry, plumbing, masonry, roofing, drywall)
Interested persons must have the following academic qualifications
a. Applicants must be a Bahamian Citizen between the ages of 18-25
b. Hold a minimum of 5 or more BJCs with ‘grade C or above inclusive of both Math and English equivalent or any other certification, a college degree from an accredited institution.
c. Applicants are to submit (2) completed application forms to Defence
Headquarters with all supporting documents:
d. Applicants are to submit (2) completed application forms to Defence
Headquarters with all supporting documents:
e. Applicants with non-traditional qualifications must submit their qualifications to the National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of the Bahamas (NAECOB) for assessment to ensure alignment with RBDF recruitment qualification standards. (RBDF does not assess qualifications).
Application must provide:

  1. Current Passport
  2. Original Birth Certificate or Affidavit/Deed Poll
  3. Two passport photos for each application
  4. Original High school diploma
  5. All original academic certificates
  6. Any other certificates or qualifications in an area of expertise or training
  7. Three (3) reference letters
  8. New smart N.I.B card
  9. A current police record (without criminal offense) . Note:
    Candidates must meet minimum Joining Fitness and Body Mass Index standards. In addition, candidates are to bring their applications with original documents for verification to Defence Headquarters, Coral Harbour. Deadline for submission of applications is Friday, February 15 th 2019. Candidates are to be mindful that upon joining, deployments at sea and tours of duty at Defence Force Bases throughout the Family Islands are mandatory. Applications can be obtained online at , Coral Harbour Base or at the Harbour Patrol Unit, East Bay Street. For further information, interested persons can contact the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Recruitment Center at 362-3718/3719 or email:

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