Senator Illustrates Ways Students Can Connect with Others in the Commonwealth


Senator, the Hon. Jamal Moss explained that The Bahamas is a member of The Commonwealth and as such, has the opportunity to connect and work with other nations to promote the Commonwealth’s shared value of peace, democracy and equality. The Senator delivered this is the message to students at C. I. Gibson and D. W. Davis High Schools when he addressed students on Commonwealth day, which was held on Monday, 11th March. This year’s theme is: “A connected Commonwealth”.

“The Commonwealth promotes lasting democracies through fair elections.  It encourages free trade by removing trade barriers and understands the importance of tackling global climate change.  Most of all, the Commonwealth empowers young people like you and me,” said Senator Moss. The Senator encouraged the students to connect to other youths in the Commonwealth via a variety of means. He said that there are several ways to achieve this goal and they include sharing our culture, our similarities in weather patterns and also even opening our homes to others when the need arises. To connect with them, we can share our culture,” said the Senator. “Most Bahamians love Junkanoo.  So we can share Junkanoo with other Commonwealth nations the same way Carnival was embraced by Bahamians. 

“Carnival is popular in Trinidad, which is another Commonwealth country. The same way Bahamians embraced Carnival and call it ‘Junkanoo Carnival,’ we can encourage other Commonwealth countries to incorporate Junkanoo into premiere cultural festivals.”The Senator said cuisine is another way to connect.  “Food is another aspect of Bahamian culture that can be shared.  How about encouraging other Commonwealth countries, especially the ones in the Caribbean to seasonally feature Bahamian dishes on menus at restaurants?  For example, Bahamian conch fritters could be a special on the menu.  This would give our Commonwealth brothers and sisters an opportunity to have a taste of The Bahamas without travelling to The Bahamas.  It is a connection worth exploring.”

Another way to connect, according to the Senator, is by assisting when there are natural disasters.“We live in a hurricane zone and some Commonwealth countries in this region have felt the effects of recent storms.  We must continue to be our brothers’ keeper and lend a helping hand when needed. “Sending money and materials to help with hurricane relief efforts should remain a priority. “Also, opening our doors temporarily to welcome persons from other countries who were affected by hurricanes must continue.  An example of this extension of love was seen when Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis, extended an invitation to welcome students from Dominica to The Bahamas following the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017.  This is an unforgettable connection.”

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