Decentralization of male psych clinic dubbed a step in the right direction


Decentralization of mental health services marking another step towards improving the delivery of and access to good health care. On Thursday, March 21 st, the Male Psychiatric Clinic will be relocated to the Fleming Street Community Clinic, located on Fleming Street.
Formerly located in the Surgical Corridor of the Princess Margaret Hospital, the relocation follows on the mandate of the Ministry of Health and Public Hospitals Authority’s vision to remove barriers in accessing mental health services, while positively impacting client
adherence.” Consultant Psychiatrist at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, Dr. Paulus Burrows called it a step in the right direction for public health,

“The Male Psychiatric clinic traditionally allows the multidisciplinary mental health team from the Sandilands Rehabilitation
Centre to provide continued support to clients previously managed in an in-patient setting–through the delivery of care and services in an out-patient setting. Adherence to treatment as an out-patient, generally improves clinical outcomes, with regard to the clients’ quality of life
and functioning.” The public is advised that the appointment day and time will remain as previously employed on Thursdays, beginning at 2:00 p.m. Persons seeking further information with respect to the
relocation of the Male Psychiatric Clinic should call Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre at 364- 9600 for further information.

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