Highlights from pt. 2 of The Conversation on Amos Rolle former commanding officer of the H.M.B.S Flamingo

The Conversations host Shenique Miller is photographed (L-R) with Leyvon Miller, First Minister of National Security Mr. Darrell Rolle and Lt. Commander Whitfield Neely.

News Clipping Collector Mr. Arnold “Rap” Wilson shares clippings of the ill fated HMBS Attack from his personal collection.

Radio Announcer Margaret McKay photographed with Lt. Commander Whitfield Neely

L-R: Leyvon Miller, Darrell Rolle, 1st Minister of National Security, Lt. Commander Whitfield Neely, Radio Announcer Margaret McKay.

Lt. Commander Whitfield Neely

Mr. Darrell Rolle, First Minister of National Security

Mr. Leyvon Miller

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