Minister Rolle Joins in Cheering the the San Salvador Junior Junkanoo Parade

While on the island, Minister Rolle also took the opportunity to visit the Government complex, historical and youth, sports and culture-related sites, and meet informally with representatives of various civil service departments. (BIS Photos / Eric Rose)

Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture the Hon. Lanisha T. Rolle (at microphone) officially opened the 2019 San Salvador Junior Junkanoo Parade, in Cockburn Town, on March 22, 2019.  Among those present were representatives from New Providence: Executive Director of Culture Rowena Sutherland, Junior Junkanoo National Coordinator Henry Higgins, and — representing Co-Chairpersons of the National Junkanoo Committee Kishlane O’Brien and Dr. Dwight Marshall — and senior NJC member Alexstine “Tennie” Daxon.  Platform guests also included Family Island Administrator Jolton Johnson, Superintendent of Police Kenrid Neely, Senior Executive Manager for the Ministry of Tourism Jermaine Johnson, Chief Councilor Rennard Storr, President of the San Salvador Branch of the Bahamas Christian Council Pastor Dennis Sandle, and United Estates Primary School Principal Christine Brown.

Scores of residents and visitors alike cheered and danced, as the students presented the theme “Ocean Explosion”.  The preschoolers depicted a school of exotic fish found in Bahamian waters in costumes that they pasted themselves.  Primary school dancers represented deep sea fishes, octopi, and vegetation and coral.  There was also a dinghy piece, heralding to The Bahamas’ boat-building culture, and the high school dancers were costumed as “the sun, sand and sea”, lion fish, yellow tails, and other fishes.  The rousing Junkanoo Band showcased colorful fish on their headpieces and skirts.

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