H. O. Nash says Break the Silence and Put an End to Violence


H. O. Nash Junior High School heralded its anti-violence stance during a special assembly Tuesday, April 9th 2019 on the Dolphin Drive campus. Students performed rap songs, recited poems and engaged in competitions to send the powerful message “Break the Silence: Lions Against Violence” during Anti-violence Day organized by Bahamas Peers Empowering Peers (B-PEPP+) a project of Bahamas Rotary Clubs in conjunction with the United States Embassy. The purpose of B-PEPP is to equip primary and senior high students with the skills and techniques needed to handle conflicts. It teaches the fundamentals of conflict resolution, anger management, and positive life skills generally.

The peer mediation process involves students helping students resolve issues. B-PEEP is guided by 7 modules and involves the participation of the entire school body including administrators, teachers, security, parents, custodians, and students. The talents of the students were put on display with selections by the school’s choir and performances by the dance troupe, drumline, and a rap duo. Students who have been trained as peer mediators were recognized and honored during the assembly. They received special awards for their efforts.

Zoe Powell, Senior Education Officer, Ministry of Education, extended congratulations to the school. She encouraged all students to embrace the principals of B-PEEP which include resolving conflicts in a peaceful manner, being tolerant of each other and practicing good decision-making and self-control. “As lions are known for pride, loyalty and leadership, so can you be known,” said Ms. Powell.

“H. O. Nash, you are already known for excellence in the academic arena, you dominated the BJC results last year. Now do the same with character.  Let H. O. Nash be known for excellence in character. Encourage your friends, inspire your peers. Be silent no more-speak out against violence, stand for peace,” she said. Along with students, teachers and school administrators, the special assembly was attended by representatives of the University of The Bahamas, the United States Embassy and the Rotary Clubs of The Bahamas Road to Peace Campaign.

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