Windsor School—Old Fort Bay Holds Successful STEM Fair


Old Fort Bay held a well-attended middle school Science and Maths Fair at New Providence Community Church on Blake Road. Over 300 students, parents and community supporters packed the NPCC community centre on Blake Road to see displays of science and mathematics projects ranging from “What is pH?”, “Non-Newtonian Fluids”, “Sustainable Power”, “Japanese Mirror Balls”, and “Bernoulli’s Principle Using a Hairdryer and Ping-Pong Ball”. Guest judges for the event were Ms. Te-Shalla Clarke—Education Supervisor at Blue Lagoon Island, Ms Natasha Arthur-Frank—Teacher of IGCSE and A-Level Chemistry at Windsor School Albany, and Dr Selima Hauber—distinguished alumni of the College of the Bahamas and Owner of Field to Fork Community Farm, Ltd., near the Lynden Pindling International Airport.

Ms Susan Heap, Teacher of Middle School Science, and event coordinator was proud of her students and praised the innovation shown by all entries. “When I first envisioned the Windsor community science fair, I didn’t want to limit the learners to any particular genre or medium for their projects. I wanted them to demonstrate their initiative and creativity—not only with what they chose, but in how the researched and presented their findings.” Ms Heap continued, “I believe that if students are truly passionate and interested in what they are doing, they will be more inclined to be more engaged with their learning, and also develop an appreciation for lifelong learning for their studies.”

Special guest judge, Dr Selima Hauber, addressed the students with words of encouragement and inspiration. “Tonight, it is important to me, as a scientist and a parent, to see so many people in this room, working together to find solutions to some of the problems that we, as human beings, have caused ourselves and our future generations. Science doesn’t belong to just one group of people—it belongs to everyone, and with our working together, we can make good things happen that many people can benefit from. I’m pleased to see so many budding scientists out there who ask good questions, who have solid methods, and who stay curious. Science isn’t only about finding answers and making discoveries, it’s about continuing to explore the curious questions that we keep asking and investigating.”

Ms Heap concluded, “As I’m nearing 25 years of working in schools, I’ve been witness to many talented students, and I’ve noticed that the level of maturity and presentation of the Windsor students went above and beyond my hopes and expectations. The students are surrounded by a highly supportive network of parents and others in their community who help to instil and encourage students to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners.”

More images from the STEM Fair below:

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