Government High School Basketball team travels to Houston


Frank Rutherford continues his commitment to the youth of the Bahamas through his Rutherford Foundation and Brand Megamalt. Rutherford totally financed the 10-day visit of the Government high school basketball team of 17 players and coaches, visit Houston Texas, over the Easter break. The team participated in basketball training, visit the University of Houston, rockets NBA game,  and played in The spring classic AAU tournament. The trip was great exposure for the young student-athletes. Whom got a chance to spend time with Frank Rutherford, Hakeem Olajuwon, and even ran into Clint Capella Center for the Houston Rockets. Many of the students never stepped on a university campus before, until stepping on the University of Houston campus.

They toured the athletic facilities and the newly renovated Fertittia Basketball arena where the cougars play. Overall the trip was an eye-opening experience for the young men. That will inspire them to work hard to go to college and get a college degree. A few of the young men were offered scholarships to attend high school, while there was interest for a few to attend community college to play basketball, which will allow them to get an associate degree. Rutherford continues to believe that sports are part of the solution to keeping young people away from crime. But we must find every opportunity to give our youths alternatives to a brighter tomorrow. Positive Opportunities are limitless, we must find more ways to expose our youths to them. Special thanks to Baker construction, Mr. JR McDonald, and Mr. Vince Sweeting who also helped to get the team to Houston.

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