Author proves ability can overcome disability with release of new book of Poems and Prose

Author Kevin Eldon Cartwright autographs copies of his first literary offering, “Revelations of a Silent Heart,” for Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Frankie A. Campbell (standing) during the Book’s Launch at the Disability Affairs Division, Department of Social Services, Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development. Mr. Cartwright was assisted by Ms. Melony Munnings, a Commissioner with the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities. (BIS Photo/Matt Maura)

Author, Kevin Eldon Cartwright proved that ability truly can supersede disability with the launch of his debut literary offering: “Revelations of a Silent Heart” on Friday, April 26. The Book Release took place at the offices of the Disability Affairs Division of the Department of Social Services, Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development.  Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Frankie A. Campbell attended the launch. “Revelations of a Silent Heart” is a compilation of Poems and Prose based on the life experiences of the author who lost his sight to glaucoma when he was eight years old. The Book is available in hard copy and in audio form in order for the author to fulfill his desire to “make this accessible to persons who are blind or visually impaired.”

A graduate of West Virginia State University, Mr. Cartwright teaches the Language Arts Curriculum at the Erin H. Gilmour School for the Blind. He said the launch was the culmination of a dream come true and perfectly illustrates how persons with disabilities can make “tremendous contributions to society once given fair and equal opportunities to grow, develop and thrive in a barrier-free society.” “Undoubtedly, this noteworthy achievement is a testament to the vast reservoir of talents, skills and abilities that persons with disabilities within our communities possess. More often than not, society overlooks the innate capabilities of such persons, focusing only on their disabilities, losing sight of the tremendous contributions that these persons can make once afforded fair and equal opportunities to grow, develop and thrive in a barrier-free society.

“Revelations of a Silent Heart is the first in a series of books that I have written and plan to publish in the near future. As this is my debut release, I hope that it touches hearts and changes live in a positive way. An accomplishment of this magnitude is no small feat. It took enormous effort, time and sacrifice to arrive at this point.” A Commissioner with the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities, Mr. Cartwright called the Book of Poems “a real page-turner.” “More importantly, it is an honest, heartfelt and beautifully expressed accounting of my personal experiences derived from close interactions with lovers, family, and friends. On one hand, it tells a story of love, disappointment, heartbreak, hope, redemption, healing, and forgiveness, while on the other hand, it moves us to tears, joy, laughter, and excitement.

“I wrote this compilation of carefully crafted poems and prose just for readers – a very special gift straight from the heart. I am sure that as you read them, you will encounter something that will, no doubt, speak to your heart. Whatever the result, you can rest assured knowing that your lives will be enriched by my writings.” Mr. Cartwright said the publication of the Book should serve as a testimony to all Bahamians – particularly those living with disabilities. “What I would like to say to anyone out there with a disability is that despite your physical challenge – whether its blindness or hearing impairment or whatever it might be, you are a somebody and you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Don’t allow negativity to become a barrier to your success because your mind is what makes you who you are, and your ambition is the driving force behind that which you can achieve along with God’s help.

“Once you have a goal in mind, plot your course and set a timeline for yourself as to when and how you are going to achieve this goal. Find persons out there who believe in you and who are willing to support you and even if some doors are closed, understand that not all of them will not be closed and that there will be someone, somewhere, out there to assist. “If not for the exemplary leadership of pacesetters such as Mr. William Lightbourne, Ms. Maria Deleveaux, the late Ms. Genevieve Evans, Mr. Gus Harris and Mr. Alphonso “Blind Blake” Higgs and many others, my noteworthy achievement would have not been possible. By their exemplary leadership, these individuals have inspired me to reach greatness and to pursue my aspirations, hopes, and dreams. “I urge you to make that effort, believe in yourselves and work diligently towards achieving that goal. It may not happen within a short timeframe, but if you remain persistent and you have that courage to press on, you will eventually achieve your goal,” Mr. Cartwright added.

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