Senior National Security Officers Graduate from Phase One of Leadership Training


“Over eight weeks ago when this intensive and instructive law enforcement leadership programme was launched, we were extremely enthusiastic about the high-level of quality education and training that our public safety leaders were about to receive,” said Minister of National Security the Hon. Marvin Dames during the Graduation Ceremony for Senior Professional Certification in Law Enforcement Leadership at the University of The Bahamas, May 6, 2019.

Sixteen senior officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services received diplomas in Law Enforcement Leadership.  Minister Dames noted the national security branches are attracting more qualified and competent Bahamians, bringing with them a range of talents and skills; and the objective is to provide impetus through training to advance the agencies.

Minister Dames stated, “When our government made commitment to ensure that our law enforcement officers received the most comprehensive and prestigious training available, we knew right away that it had to begin with our very own University of The Bahamas. From 1974, this noble institution and its distinguished faculty have consistently provided quality opportunities for higher learning. This University’s legacy reflects a distinct pledge to responding to national needs. Students and faculty have remained the cornerstone of this vibrant teaching institution which is expanding research initiatives that focus on sustainable national development. Your academic programmes, collaborations, and public-private partnerships will continue to strengthen the overall development of our great nation.”

He declared it is important for public safety officials to make use of cutting-edge technology being used around the globe, and as such the government has invested in properly training personnel to operate the tools, namely: Shot Spotter Technology; CCTV; drones; body-worn cameras to name a few.  Advanced training beyond initial recruitment ensures confidence, as officers are often called upon to make decisions which impact the lives of others inclusive of taking the life of another; suspending an individual’s constitutional rights; making arrests; and conducting searches under the prescribed law.

Minister Dames explained, senior law enforcement officers have even greater need for professional development as their decision-making skills can determine overall success of their agencies’ strategies and initiatives.

He said: “As the undercurrents of crime and criminality change along with other social factors in the country, so should the training and developmental needs of law enforcement organizations. Globally, this constant change in crime trends and patterns gives credence to the demand for occupational professionalism in public safety work.

“The dynamic and complex nature of law enforcement in an evolving world also requires public safety officials in the 21st century to be proficient in many non- traditional areas.  Although leadership based, this Law Enforcement programme included modules in a number of other technical areas such as, Finance, Budgeting, Written Communication, Oral Communication, and Human Resource Management.”

Through its partnership with Georgia State University and the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange, graduates begin the next phase comprising travel overseas for attachments with US law enforcement agencies – federal, state, and local.

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