2019 Scholastic Team Chess Championship

Participants of 2019 Scholastic Team Chess Championship

The Bahamas Chess Federation recently hosted the Annual Scholastic Team Championship. The event, which is a team based tournament, is the largest chess tournament of the year. The 2019 Scholastic Team Championship attracted 80 students comprising 20 teams from 11 schools throughout New Providence, surpassing the 2018 record of 75 students. The morning of May 18 th , the best chess players on the island converged at Tambearly School to compete for the title of best chess team, school and/or club. Participants included students from C.R. Walker, Queens College, Tambearly School, S. C. McPherson, T. A. Thompson Junior, Garvin Tynes, Kingsway Academy, Jubilee Christian Academy, Woodcock Primary, T.G. Glover, and Summit Academy. The
tournament was divided into five categories; Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14 and Under 18. The Players battled in 3 to 5 rounds, depending on the cohort number in their age group, each game lasting 10 minutes each.

The Bahamas Bain & Grants Town Chess Club (BGT) won the overall prize, they were also awarded 1 st place in the Club division. Tambearly School managed to hold on to the Title of Strongest Primary School in the Country. Queens College retained their title as Strongest High School in the Country. “The Bahamas Chess Federation is happy that the kids had fun and enjoyed themselves, unfortunately not everyone can win, but as long as students improved and gained experience then it was worth it”, said Elton Joseph, President, Bahamas Chess Federation. He added, “Hopefully next year we will be able to invite some Family Island Clubs to attend.”
2019 Scholastic Team Chess Championship Overall Results:
Overall Results
1st. BGT Chess Club (High School)
2nd. Queens College (Under 18)
3rd. Tambearly (Under 10)
4th Tambearly (Under 12)

High School Winner: Queens College
Primary School Winner: Tambearly School
Club Winners: BGT Chess Club High

Scholastic Team Chess Championship 2019 Category Results:

Under 8
1 st place – Tambearly School (Logan Chu, Zane Warboys, Magnus Moretto, Dirk Simmons)
2 nd place – BGT Club Primary (Sereno Ambrose, Cameron Martin, Jason Taylor, Chase Martin)
3 rd place – Tambearly School (Dominic Dupuch, Mia Van Der Riet, Lauchlan Menzies, Doreen Rogers)
Under 10
1st. place – Vultures (Keiane Genil, Eduard Krotz, Henrick Morreto, Alexander Heinzl)
2nd. place – Elites (Philip Kemp, Joshua Komolafe, Lheerin Hanchell, Max White)
3 rd place – Warriors (Patrick Panagiotis, Akilan Vijay, William Knowles)
Under 12
1 st place – Three Wolves (Markkus Rattameister, Egor Komdurk, Malcolm Menzies)
2nd. place- V Team (Obriel Symonette, Sienna Wright, Nhallya Hanchell, Adonaiah Oluwanoiki)
Under 14
1 st place – BGT Chess Club High (Curtis Pride, Devonye Edmond, Adam Clarke, Dream Pinder)
2 nd place – Queens College (Trevor Bridgewater, Van Orence, Wayne Poitier, Manan Pahwa)
3 rd place – ChessMasters Mixed Team (Noah Albury, Deon Pinder, Avery Pinder)
Under 18
1 st place – Queen’s College (Daniel Ramtulla, Matthew Thompson, Hodari Prince, Aaron Ramtulla)
2 nd place – Nimble Minds Club (Aiden Mart, Tadan Ferguson, Talia Rolle, Winston Bonaby)

3 rd place – Kingsway Academy (Trinity Pinder, Jesuran Paul, Paul Roberts, Michael Cartwright)

Club Winners:
1 st place – BGT Chess Club High
2 nd place – Nimble Minds
3 rd place – ChessMasters Mixed Team

More images from the Championship below:

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