Illegal Firearms And Ammunition Recovered – 3 Males in custody


Police recovered three illegal firearms from the streets of New Providence in two separate incidents. One occurred on Sunday, June 2nd, 2019, which resulted in three adult males being taken into custody.

According to reports, shortly after 2:00 pm, Central Detective Unit Officers, acting on information, while on Blueberry Hill Road off Fox Hill Road, conducted a search of a vacant lot and recovered a .223 rifle and a .40 pistol.

No arrest was made in this incident. Investigations are ongoing.

In the second incident, according to reports, shortly before 10:00 pm, Central Detective Unit Officers, while at Wilson Track, observed three men sitting in a green vehicle. The men upon seeing the officers began acting in a suspicious manner. The officers conducted a search of the men and their vehicle and recovered a .45 pistol and two (2) rounds of ammunition.
The men were taken into custody and are expected to be formally charged later this week.

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