Bahamas Judo National Champions creates new champions


The Bahamas Judo Federation held it’s national championship at Holy Family Parish Activity Center  this past weekend. Forty eight athletes ages 6 to 25 participated. As expected Olympic hopeful Cynthia Rahming won the senior females middleweight division. Also US Open winner Xavion Johnson continued his dominance repeating as national champion for the lightweight division ages 12 to 14. However, there were some surprises. Men’s senior middleweight division was won by Alex Strachan age 16 with his twin brother Daniel taking the runner up position.  Their father Anzlo Strachan, himself a martial artist,  was extremely proud. “Sometime as a parent you feel like giving up but you don’t. I enrolled them to actually learn self defence not realizing how sophisticated it was it terms of the sporting aspect and self defence application.” He said of his sons.

The competition was fierce across all divisions with clubs from Abaco and New Providence participating. “We are really happy with the quality of the event,” said Abaco Coach Regina Parotti. “The Abaco team performed extremely well with everyone taking medals.”
Several clubs of the Bahamas Judo Federation took part including the National Training Center,  Eastwood Judo, Carmichael Judo, Lyford Cay club, All Star Judo, Abaco Judo Club, University of the Bahamas and New Providence Martial Arts and Fitness center. 
National results were: 

Senior Male Middleweight
1. Alex Strachan  (Eastwood Judo)
2. Daniel Strachan (Eastwood Judo)
3. Andrew Munnings (National Training Center)
3. Jeffery Thompson (New Providence Martial Arts and Fitness Center)
Senior Female Heavy weight
1. Raven Pennerman (University of the Bahamas)
2. Sasha Ingraham (University of the Bahamas)

Senior Female Middleweight

1. Cynthia Rahming (National Training Center)2. Kevinique Stubbs  ( All Star Judo)3. Rachel Rolle  (Abaco  Judo)3. Kaylee Roberts  (Abaco Judo)
Lightweight Cadets1. Robert Pennerman (All Star Judo)2. David  Ramtula (All Star Judo)
3. Vonte LaRose (Abaco Judo)

Cadets Heavyweight Females1. Ahlysiah Desir (Abaco Judo)
2. Skyla Pritchard (Abaco Judo)

U15 Male Light weights

1. Arthur Tabary – Devisme   (Lyford Cay International)
2. Maliq Kersaint (Abaco Judo)
3. Christian Smith (Abaco Judo)
3. Daniel Ramtula (All Star Judo)

U13 Middleweight

1. Amoury Tabary – Devisme (Lyford Cay International)
2. Alexis Roberts Jr. (New Providence Martial Arts and Fitness Center)
3. Lukas Zobelein (Lyford Cay International)3. Christoph Hall (All Star Judo)

U13 Lightweight

1. Xavion Johnson (Eastwood Judo)
2. Matthew Rose (Abaco Judo)
3. Manoah Walkine (All Star Judo)
Ages 6 to 8 Male Lightweight 
1. Malachi (All Star Judo)
2. Lorenzo Martinez (All Star Judo)
3. Uriel Johnson (Eastwood Judo)

U11 Female Middleweight
1. Dahlas Turnquest (New Providence Martial Arts and Fitness Center)
2. Myckell Brown (New Providence Martial Arts and Fitness Center)3. Thaliyah Russell (Abaco Judo)
Ages 6 to 8 Middleweight Male
1. Teegan Klikinson ( Eastwood Judo)
2. Tyrique  Moss (Eastwood Judo)
3. Kendrick Ferguson (All Star Judo)
4. Jayce Bonnell (Abaco Judo)

Ages 6 to 8 Lightweight  male
1. Mathis Bournas (Lyford Cay International School)
2. Adrian Sweeting (Eastwood Judo)
3. Schuyler Percentie (Eastwood Judo)
4. Ngozi Lockhart Mcphee (Eastwood Judo)

Ages 6 to 8 middle weight male
1. Jeremiah Rolle (New Providence Martial Arts and Fitness Center)
2. Aaron Kleinbussink (Eastwood Judo)
3. Kaedan Hackett (New Providence Martial Arts and Fitness Center)
U11 Heavyweight Male
1. Micah Brown (New Providence Martial Arts and Fitness Center)
2. Adelpho Thompson (Abaco Judo)
3. Theopholis Russell ( Abaco Judo)

U 15 Lightweight Female
1. Sarah Thompson (Eastwood Judo)
2. Olivia Bonnell (Eastwood Judo)

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