Put your skates on for summer fun in Freeport

Pictured are some of the participants and coordinators of the 9th Annual International Rugby club sharing in some friendly rounds about the go-kart course. (Photo Credit: Goombayland for Barefoot Marketing)

Way back in 1735 a young man called John Joseph Merlin, thought it would be a ‘grand idea’ to create shoes with wheels on, so he could crash a party while playing the violin. Merlin thus became the creator of Roller Skating, and created fun nights out and a great keep fit exercise as roller skating uses eighty percent of your bodies muscles to burn up to 650 calories an hour. Goombayland, Grand Bahama’s family entertainment park for rollerskating and go-karts reopened late last year after a 21 year hiatus. Originally opened in 1989 by Reginald ‘Mr. Reggie’ Albury for seven years until his passing, now Albury’s children, Janet and Jason, are back providing safe, family entertainment in Grand Bahama – that puts families back together to have fun while putting down their phones and spending memorable moments.

To celebrate their first year of success, Goombayland, will have their first summer ‘Roller King or Queen Skate Competition’. This six-week event will challenge local skaters to master a different skill each week, witling down until there is only one King or Queen. “We will have a few categories for different ages,” stated Janet Albury, co-owner of Goombayland. “Registration is only $15, and for those attending they can also take Super Skater lessons weekly to help them for the skill stages.” Entry into the competition is available at the park and interested persons can find out all details on Goombayland’s social media pages. “Above all we want to offer our patrons a safe environment to play in,” noted Albury. “One that encourages families to come out and interact with their children and to do so on and off the skate rink, on our kart facilities or by just hanging out together.”

For those not up to the competiton, the team are also putting together a Kids Summer Camp that is open to children ages 7-13. Registration is $20 with a $50 a weekly fee, the camp runs from June 24th to August 9 th. The camp has limited space, so they advise that you book early. To learn more about Goombayland, visit them at 19 Alcester Road Freeport, Bahamas, they are open Thursday and Friday 7:00PM-
12:00AM, Saturday 4:00PM-12:00AM, Sunday 4:00PM-12:00AM or call

Pictured is Desiree Joseph, one of the faces from the latest of Gia Pierra’s play “Friends with Benefits” striking a pose dressed in skates and a smile. (Photo Credit: Desireee Joseph for Barefoot Marketing)

Depicted are the giggles and smiles of the birthday tribe at one of
Goombayland’s slime parties. (Photo Credit: Goombayland for Barefoot Marketing)

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