Foreign Affairs Held Memorial Service for Late Foreign Service Officer Alrae Ramsey

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently held a Memorial Service at its Goodman's Bay Corporate Centre offices to commemorate the life of the late Mr. Alrae Ramsey, a Foreign Service Officer with the Ministry.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a memorial service to commemorate the life of Mr. Alrae Ramsey, a Foreign Service Officer with the Ministry who lost his life in Turin, Italy, earlier this month.  The Ministry also recognized the family of Dr. Blair John, who also lost his life in Turin.  Members of both families were present. The event was held on the evening of Wednesday, 26th June at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters at the Corporate Centre at Goodman’s Bay. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Darren Henfield delivered remarks. He said that as the Minister, it was a privilege to speak at the special memorial service for a fallen colleague. “We who work for this Ministry, understand the role of being a diplomat, and while we know Alrae was a natural at this, he gave much to his work and was constantly seeking to hone his skills for future goals,” said Minister Henfield. 

“I would like to speak in celebration of his life. He had an outstanding personality and strived for excellence in his endeavours and pursuits. This is most noted in his academic studies, where in 2011, he graduated from St. John’s University.” “He said that Mr. Ramsey joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in December 2013, in the post of Administrative Cadet and that he met him in 2017 when he became the Minister of Foreign Affairs. “My encounters with him showed that he was a thinker, one who showed signs of innovation and creativity in his work.  As such, he made substantive contributions to the development of this Ministry.  He generously gave us his knowledge, his expertise, and his skills,” said the Minister.

Mr. Ramsey attended training courses in Nassau and overseas. He was posted to The Bahamas Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as Third Secretary/Vice-Consul from 2016 to 2017. He was a member of Toastmaster’s International Club 6796, where he was elected to an Executive Officer position and made his contribution to the development of the Club. “From all accounts, Alrae was a good friend among us and a great colleague, who was sincere, hardworking and committed,” Minister Henfield said.  As an officer he gave energy and inspiration to others with whom he worked. As I recall, he had a warm smile, a sense of humour and a gentle demeanour. “But most of all was his sharp wit and logical and systematic thinking.

“He was always willing to share his ideas and information. He was passionately interested in world affairs and was never without an opinion on recent developments.  Our sorrow is lessened only slightly with the comforting thought that we had the privilege to know him.” The Minister also extended condolences to the family of Blair John and gave them some words of encouragement. “I wish to leave with you all something I read recently by an unknown author: “Some are bound to be young; by dying young a person stays young in people’s memories.  If he burns brightly before he dies, his brightness shines for all time.  Blair and Alrae will always burn brightly in our memories for all time,” said Mr. Henfield. “To the Ramsey and John families, our hearts and prayers are with you at this most difficult time.”

More images from the Memorial Service below:

Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Darren Henfield is pictured giving tributes to Mr. Ramsey and to Dr. Blair John, who both lost their lives in Turin, Italy, earlier this month.   (Photos/Peter Ramsay)

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