BTC Partners with the Annual Police Summer Youth Camp

BTC iVolunteer Anita Carwright and ASP Harrison Thompson with Inagua Summer Camp

BTC partnered with the Royal Bahamas Police Force as it hosted its 25 th annual Summer Youth Camp. The company’s iVolunteer team participated in a number of activities in New Providence and the
Family Islands. Senior Manager for Public Relations, Indira Collie said, “Our teams enjoy helping to build better communities in whichever way we can. We are grateful for the support of our iVolunteer team and happy for the opportunity to partner with the Police Force’s annual Summer Youth Camp. We were able to provide assistance to the camps in Exuma, Inagua, Andros, Abaco and New Providence.”

In Exuma, BTC funded a coastal cleanup day for the camp. Students were able to learn more about the importance of taking care of the environment and ensuring that we maintain a sustainable environment for future generations. One hundred campers in New Providence were treated to a private showing of the Lion King at Fusion Superplex. In Abaco campers learned all about telephone etiquette, and in Lowe Sound Andros, our team had a motivational talk with the students. At the Inagua closing ceremony, campers were treated to special lunch
event. Superintendent Shanta Knowles, thanked BTC and said, “The Royal Bahamas Police Force is pleased to have had BTC as a sponsor for our Summer Youth Camp.

I am sure that the fun activities that you had with our kids in New Providence and in the Family Islands will create lasting memories for them. We look forward to your partnership in the future as we create safer communities for our children.”

More highlights from the Summer Youth Camp below:

BTC iVolunteer Tina Cooper along with Andros Campers

BTC iVolunteer Wildlyne Burrows spoke to Abaco Campers on mobile phone etiquette.

BTC iVolunteers Diane Lockart and Rosie Smith help out with the Exuma beach cleanup.

BTC donates to the Exuma Police Summer Camp and assists with beach clean-up

BTC iVolunteers Cherolyn. Michelle. Kenton. Bonnie and Ajna at Fusion Superplex

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