RBDF Medical Center Hosts Seminar


In keeping with the Commander’s intent, medical and nursing staff at the Royal Bahamas Defence Force’s Medical Center hosted a seminar on heart disease at Coral Harbour Base where they passed on knowledge and increased awareness. The purpose of the seminar was to ensure that important medical information is disseminated and shared among members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. The presenters of the seminar were registered nurses: Leading Woman Marine Joycelynn Scarlett, Leading Woman Marine Stacey Ferguson and Leading Woman Marine Michelle Woods.

Petty Officer Dr. Derwin Johnson, who is currently a doctor attached to the Defence Force Medical Center and also one of the organizers, emphasized its importance. “This first medical seminar revolved around heart disease and the topic was chosen specifically. In our society, complications of hypertension is one of our number one killers. We have a high rate of hypertension in the Bahamas and complications of hypertension translates into cardiac failure, heart problems and possibly even strokes.”

Petty Officer Dr. Johnson and the registered nurses were all recipients of Full In-Service Awards by the Defence Force to undertake studies in the medical field. In attendance at this first seminar were personnel from various departments throughout the Defence Force. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force is committed to the holistic development of its members.

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