Technical Cadet Students completes Summer Internship Program at ZNS


Anchors: Blair Neely & Rajauki Demeritte

Character Generator: Aaliyah Vaughan

Chyron Operator: Darriel Wood

Audio: Jayden Stubbs

Teleprompter Operator: Celeste Smith

Switcher : Shawn Ferguson

Floor Director: Kyle Johnson

Cameraman: Samuel Farquharson

Switcher; Sean Ferguson and Anchor: Blair Neely

Cameraman: Samuel Farquharson, Anchor: Blair Neely, Switcher: Shawn Ferguson, Floor Director: Kyle Johnson, Audio: Jayden Stubbs, Anchor: Rajauki Demeritte

Camera-woman: Rickia Hanna, Teleprompter Operator: Celeste Smith, Chyron Operator: Darriel Wood

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