Grand Bahama Port Authority begins recovery and restoration strategy


Grand Bahama Port Authority Limited executes clear communication strategy  to assist with recovery and restoration efforts. Ian Rolle, President of the Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited, expressed the organization’s commitment for the restoration of Grand Bahama. Rolle stated, “The entire community of Grand Bahama will emerge from this unprecedented natural disaster, and the Grand Bahama Port Authority pledges it’s full resources to help, as we rebuild, restore and recover.”  

Throughout and during the passage of Hurricane Dorian, the Grand Bahama Port Authority took swift action to enact their hurricane preparedness action plan.  Rolle explained, “Our team of hardworking and dedicated individuals mobilized to inform residents about what was essential for water and electricity restoration.  We then coordinated our resources around the removal of debris within impacted communities and this allowed us to clear major thoroughfares to better assist with recovery and restoration efforts.”

Residents throughout the island of Grand Bahama received helpful social media notifications. One alert, instructed residential and commercial consumers with property impacted by 12 inches or more of water, that they must have their electrical systems neutralized of salt water by a certified electrician before services can be restored. Residents were also informed that upon resumption of the water supply, it should only be used for sanitary purposes and not consumption. Rolle expressed, “We recognize our responsibility to communicate with residents in a timely manner.  It will help them to be aware of what we need from them, in order to do our part with the restoration of utilities and sanitary services, through the Grand Bahama Utility Company, the Grand Bahama Power Company and Sanitation Services Company.”  

In addition to communicating with residents, the public was also made aware of the opening of the Freeport Harbour, a necessary port for receiving products and goods to aid in the restoration process. Rolle outlined, “The opening of Freeport Harbour allowed us to initiate our collaboration with FowlCo Import Export, Elnet and Tropical Shipping, who are licensees and designated partners for the importation of hurricane relief items for Grand Bahama. Through our partnership, items can be sent to South Florida and with this major port of entry being open, we can more quickly support those impacted within our community.”

The President of the Port was extremely touched by the outpouring of love and support displayed by key international partners from throughout the cruise line industry, including Bahamas Paradise Cruise,  Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Balearia, along with national and international aide agencies including Jose Andres and World Central Kitchen, Atlantis Resort, Inchcape, The Seminole Tribe of Florida and The Six Nations Tribe.

“Our commitment to the restoration of Grand Bahama is unquestionable.  We will act with care, compassion, and kindness throughout this time, until the quality of life for all of our residents is one that restores our faith in humanity to reveal the best of Grand Bahama” Rolle stated.

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