UNDP releases initial 200 K in emergency funding for BAH crisis recovery


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has released an initial allocation of $200,000 USD of emergency funding in response to
the devastating impact of category five hurricane Dorian on The Bahamas. UNDP has committed support for:

  •  Debris and waste management
  •  Housing and Building Damage Assessments
  •  National Recovery Strategy

“UNDP is here to support the government in early recovery through our global network of technical expertise. While recognizing that the welfare of the affected populations and all the citizens of The Bahamas is of utmost priority, building back better and promoting resilience are also crucial. To this end, we are actively engaging with government and are committed to rebuilding a more resilient Bahamas”, said Denise Antonio, UNDP Resident Representative in the Jamaica office, also responsible for The Bahamas. Crisis Prevention and Recovery is a key pillar of UNDP’s development assistance globally.

Since the passage of hurricanes Maria and Irma in 2017, UNDP has mobilized over $25 million from its core resources and international donor partners to contribute to national recovery interventions in impacted nations of the Eastern Caribbean. UNDP has a team of experts on the ground to assist in the design of a programme tailored to the recovery needs of The Bahamas.

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