NEMA praised by International Agencies for leadership and coordination

Dr. Erin Huey, director of global operations at Pacific Disaster Centre at the press conference held the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA on Friday, September 13, 2019, post Hurricane Dorian. Also pictured is Carl Smith, NEMA Spokesperson. (BIS Photo/Patrick Hanna)

The National Emergency Management Agency, the Government of The Bahamas’ emergency management organization, leads a coalition of partners providing emergency relief support. In addition to local non-governmental organizations, NEMA is partnering with approximately 22
international NGOs to provide rapid response relief, and critical goods and services to Grand Bahama and Abaco. NEMA was recently praised for its leadership and coordination at its daily press conference by
several of its international NGO partners including the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Pacific Disaster Center (PDC), World Food Center and the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) of which The Bahamas is a Participating State.

NEMA facilitates process for NGOs to expedite the entry of specialized teams along with equipment and supplies to The Bahamas and, subsequently, to the affected areas.

The Agency is also a key partner for sharing information as well as locating and co-coordinating critical onthe-ground resources to support the needs of the NGOs. Dr. Erin Huey, director of global operations at PDC, remarked, “The Bahamian people should be proud of the Government of The Bahamas’ organized and methodical response in disaster conditions.” Huey also noted that in light of the increasing effects of climate change, the Government should be commended for its forward-thinking approach to disaster relief and its enthusiasm for using the technology and anticipatory science to ensure that organizations responding to events can share the latest data with on-the-ground teams.

“We work very closely with the network of local and international NGOs to make assessments at a community level and to proactively build community resilience throughout the year,” remarked NEMA Spokesperson Carl Smith.

“NEMA continues to build strong relationships with our partners to ensure that we can effectively deal not only with the impact of Hurricane Dorian but also of other natural disasters in the future.”

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