Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture presents awards for 2018 Junior Junkanoo Competition


The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture (MOYSC) recognized schools throughout The Bahamas for their accomplishments in the 2018 Junior Junkanoo Competition, Thursday, September 12th, 2019 at the National Training Agency, Gladstone Road.

Students and teachers, representing pre, primary, junior and senior high school divisions, accepted their prizes for their achievements in various categories during the 31st Junior Junkanoo Awards Presentation sponsored by the MOYSC, the NJC and Sol Petroleum Bahamas Ltd. The categories included: Best Banner, Best Music, Best Choreography, Best Overall, Best Off the Shoulder and Best Free Dancer.

Scholars Academy Pre-School, Noble Preparatory Academy and Jordan Prince William, two senior high schools, made their debut to Junior Junknaoo in the 2018 competition.

The Best Off the Shoulder and Best Free Dancer categories were introduced to Junkanoo for the first time.

Tarpum Bay Primary School received the awards for Best Off the Shoulder and Best Free Dancer in the primary division, L. W. Young Junior High School received first place awards (Junior High School) for Best Off the Shoulder and Best Free Dancer; and Government High School won first place (Senior High School) for Best Off the Shoulder and Best Free Dancer.

The overall winners were as follows:


1st place – The Big Apple Pre School

Primary School:
1st place – Tarpum Bay Primary

Junior High School:

1st place – L. W. Young Junior High School

Senior High School:

1st place- Government High School

The Hon. Lanisha Rolle, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture thanked the schools and participants, and said the ceremony provided an opportunity to recognize the hard work, sacrifice, dedication, talent and significant contributions the young people have made in their preparations and performance at the Junior Junknaoo parade.

She recognized the Cowbellers, drummers, dancers, designers, musicians, all parade participants and reminded them as they received their awards, to strengthen themselves to keep moving.

“You made our country proud. With you, your talent, your inspiration, your dedication, the future and culture of Junkanoo is secure.”

She acknowledged parents, teachers, coordinators and instructors for their time, efforts, investments and resources imparted to the young people to ensure preservation of a “significant” aspect of the country’s cultural heritage. She assured them that their labour is not in vain.

“Because of your love, The Bahamas can rest assured that Junkanoo will continue moving forward,” she said.

Minister Rolle remarked that the MOYSC is advancing efforts to enhance the product and experience of Junkanoo and provide ways and opportunities to further showcase the wonders of the culture both locally and through the creation of global connections.

“My Ministry seeks to nurture an environment that promotes and facilities multiple and multifaceted opportunities for the growth and development of the art, industry and the community of Junkanoo,” she added.

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