Dutch Military Engineers in Abaco

Dutch and German Military Engineers working on the bridge which connects the mainland Abaco to the northern communities. (RBDF Photos by Marine Seaman Wellington Ramsey)

Engineers of the Dutch and German Military are in Abaco to assist with hurricane relief efforts on the island after the passage of Hurricane Dorian. On Saturday past (September 14), the team of engineers arrived aboard the naval vessel HNLMS Johan de Witt and began the rebuilding phase with the reconstruction of the bridge which connects Coopers Town and Fox Town, Abaco.

Headed by Lieutenant Brent Van Helvert of the Dutch Military, the Civil
Engineers worked along with Bill Simmons Construction, a local business company, in repairing the damaged bridge.

Another task of the international military partner is the production of potable water in Marsh Harbour and affected communities. The Dutch team are expected to remain on the island for several more days to complete the tasks.

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