John Watling’s Bahamian rum is double gold winner at the International Rum Conference in Coral Gables, Florida


John Watling’s Distillery, a Bahamian company, located at the 1789 Buena Vista Estate in Historic Downtown Nassau and named for a 17 th Century buccaneer, announced today that John Watling’s Single Barrel rum is a 2019 double gold medal winner and John Watling’s Pale rum is a 2019 Silver Medal winner at the International Rum Conference in Coral Gables, Florida.

The International Rum Conference, formerly known as the Congreso del Ron, moved from Madrid to Coral Gables, Florida, in its 8 th year to be closer to the core rum manufacturing territories. It is co-directed by industry veterans Javier Herrera and Jorge Galbis. The Conference ran from September 25 th to 28 th 2019, at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida. The four-day conference consisted of a two-day Industry Enrichment Seminar, two-day Grand Tasting and a Tasting Competition.

At the Conference, John Watling’s Distillery, Ltd. partnered with The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, who continues to educate consumers how despite Hurricane Dorian’s impact on Grand Bahama and Abaco, The Bahamas continues to welcome visitors to its many islands. The
International Rum Conference also provided the National Association of The Bahamas (NAB) with a booth for Hurricane Dorian relief. NAB is a voluntary organization working for a better Bahamas. Since 2012, The International Rum Conference – Rum Tasting Competition, has selected
and awarded the best sugar cane based products from around the world.

The competition is organized by the International Rum Conference LLC based in Coral Gables, Florida with the objective to increase awareness and to assist consumers and the trade to distinguish how to enjoy the best rums from around the world. A five-judge panel conducted blind tastings and evaluated each of the rums for visual, olfactory, taste and general impressions.

Both John Watling’s Single Barrel rum and John Watling’s Pale rum competed in the Molasses or Cane Derivatives Classification. All John Watling’s rums are crafted from hand-cut, choice sugarcane molasses sourced from different British Caribbean islands. John Watling’s Single barrel rum was awarded the highest prize or Double gold medal in the special harvest / single caskcategory. Single Barrel is exceptionally smooth rum with full-bodied pot still character. Aged for six years in once-used Bourbon barrels, it is bottled directly from the barrel at a cask strength of 66.2% or 132.4° proof.

During the six-year ageing process, John Watling’s Single Barrel lost more than 5% per year or 25% of the distillate in the barrel due to evaporation, known as the ‘Angel’s Share’. In colder climates, spirit losses amount to an average of 2% per year. Therefore, the ageing
process in The Bahamas is accelerated by 2.5 times; John Watling’s Single Barrel is equivalent in age to a 15-year-old Bourbon, Scotch and/or Cognac. Each barrel is unique and hand-selected by John Watling’s Master Blender for its taste and aroma, which opens up over time. John Watling’s Single Barrel is ‘The Quintessential Sipping Rum’. John Watling’s Distillery also earned a silver medal in the “White Rum” category for John Watling’s Pale rum, which is exceptionally smooth with light-bodied pot still character. Aged for two years in once-used Bourbon barrels at the Buena Vista Estate in Downtown Nassau, John Watling’s Pale is hand-blended in small batches using more than 175 years of Spanish, French and English rum-making know-how. The result is a rum with a slightly woody character with herbal notes, hints of citrus and a cane aroma.

Its taste is smooth and its finish dry. John Watling’s Pale rum is enjoyed in the finest cocktails and perfect in Mojitos, Hand- Shaken Daiquirís, Hemingways and Bossa Novas. In the past, John Watling’s rums have been bestowed medals, awards and honours from “The Fifty Best” in New York City; Barlife Magazine in the Prague, Rum Bahamas in Nassau; Taste of the Caribbean in Miami, Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago, Congreso del Ron in Madrid and have been declared both Exceptional and Recommended.

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