Bahamas Tourism and National Association of the Bahamas at Rum Conference with John Watling’s Distillery


The sales team of the Bahamas Tourist Office, Florida recently partnered with John Watling’s, a Bahamian distillery showcasing at the
International Rum Conference 2019, to promote the 14 Bahama Islands still open for business. The International Rum Conference, formerly known as the Congreso del Ron, which moved from Madrid to Coral Gables, Florida, invited the National Association of The Bahamas (NAB), a Florida based Bahamian association, to its two-day event, and encouraged attendees to make donations to NAB for relief efforts toward those affected by the catastrophic Hurricane Dorian. The event also saw John Watling’s, a Bahamian company located in downtown, Nassau, awarded the highest prize or DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL in the Special Harvest / Single Cask category for its Single Barrel rum. John Watling’s Distillery also earned a SILVER MEDAL in the White Rum category for its Pale rum.

According to organizers of the newly named “International Rum Conference,” the event was moved to the United States, “in the spirit of getting closer to the core rum manufacturing territories.” The two-day Conference took place September 27 th and 28 th at the Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Florida. Events included a two-day Industry Enrichment Seminar, two-day Grand Tasting and a Tasting Competition.

“When invited to this conference we saw it as a great opportunity to speak to those attending on how The Bahamas is still open for business on 14 of our Islands, despite the devastation that we experienced on the Islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama,” said Tina Lee, District Marketing Manager, Bahamas Tourist Office, Florida. The Marketing Manager also said, “We are grateful to John Watling’s and the organizers of the International Rum Conference for the invitation to participate, which is indicative of their strong.

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