BPL Daily Fact Sheet – October 7, 2019


GT10 held steady today with 18 megawatts. We are monitoring the unit as we carefully work to increase the output over the next few days. As we are working to get this unit back online at full output, we are still experiencing a delay in getting necessary parts on site for GT7.
In addition to GT10, the two units we reported as operating on reduced load have been able to come back up to their usual output. As a result, System Control confirms we did not have to load shed today, and we do not expect to have to load shedding this evening. If load shedding
becomes necessary, it is expected to be very light.

Today’s Load Shortage Tomorrow’s Estimated Load Shortage
-15 megawatts -10 megawatts
Today’s Projected Average Power Outage Tomorrow’s Estimated Average Power Outage 3 Hours 3 hours
Average Power Outage (Last 24hrs): 15 minutes
Our current availability is 225 megawatts against an expected day peak of 205 megawatts and an expected evening peak of 210 megawatts.

UNIT 1 (GT10):
GT10 is now holding stable with 18MW. We continue to monitor the unit to assess its stability over the next few days before attempting to increase output.
Timetable: We are monitoring stability before increasing output.
UNIT 2 (GT7):
We have completed preparatory work and are still awaiting the arrival on site of materials needed to complete the installation of the reconditioned bearings on GT7. Once the bearings are reinstalled, a two-day process, we will be able to continue investigating the vibration fault preventing us from bringing this unit online.

Timetable: We continue to await reinstallation of the bearings in order to properly reassess the unit’s return to service.

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