Daily Fact Sheet – October 16, 2019


GT7 continues to start, so we are able to continue investigation of the vibration on that unit.

GT10 continued to hold steady.
No load shedding has been necessary today, and we do not expect to have to load shed tonight.
We will update the public if that should change.

Today’s Load Shortage (Surplus) Tomorrow’s Estimated Load Shortage

12.5 megawatts 0 megawatts
Today’s Projected Average Power Outage Tomorrow’s Estimated Average Power Outage
0 Hours 0 hours
Average Power Outage (Last 24hrs): 0
Our current availability is 202. megawatts against an expected day peak of 185 megawatts and
an expected evening peak of up to 190 megawatts.

UNIT 1 (GT10):

GT10 continues to be stable, and we are preparing to increase output over the next few days.
We will keep monitoring the unit as we do this to ensure it remains stable.
Timetable: We are monitoring the unit.
UNIT 2 (GT7):
GT7 continues to start without problems, and the vibration issue under investigation does not appear until we put the machine on load. The specialist is continuing his investigation, and we are awaiting his assessment before we readjust our timelines for bringing the unit back online. Timetable: We continue to await the results of the specialist’s vibration investigation before we can reassess a timeline for the unit’s return to service.

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