Female Professional Represents Grand Bahama at Prestigious Program for Women Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State

IVLP participant Raquel Beneby- Hart participates in a meeting with the National Women's Business Council in Washington, DC.

The United States Embassy in Nassau is pleased to announce that Ms. Raquel Beneby-Hart has been selected to participate in the U.S.  Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), focused on “Technical Entrepreneurship and Empowerment of Women and Girls” November 12-22, 2019.  Ms. Hart, a resident of Grand Bahama is attending the program in her capacity as a motivational speaker, trainer and facilitator in the areas of women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship.  She currently serves as the Personal Assistant to the Minister of State for Grand Bahama in the Office of the Prime Minister.

During the program, Ms. Hart will engage in dialogue on social, economic and political factors that influence and encourage women to become entrepreneurs and managers of small and medium-sized enterprises, examine ways to cultivate leadership in young women and encourage them to take action to improve their communities, and explore creative partnerships and cross-sector relationships that support  the development and empowerment of the next cadre of female entrepreneurs.  Ms. Hart will visit four cities in the United States: Washington, DC, New York, NY, and Helena and Bozeman, Montana.  In Washington, she will have an opportunity to meet with senior U.S. government officials and discuss federal government initiatives to facilitate women’s entrepreneurship, youth entrepreneurship, training and mentorship for the next generation.

While in New York, Ms. Hart will meet with her counterparts to discuss global efforts to promote women’s entrepreneurship, innovative women-owned businesses, empowering girls to lead and overcoming societal barriers to entrepreneurship.  In Montana, she will meet with NGOs and share best practices for nonprofit initiatives for women entrepreneurs and community leaders, enabling women in technology and strengthening communities through girl empowerment. 

The IVLP is fully funded by the U.S. Department of State, and is a prestigious worldwide program which provides rising professionals in all field the opportunity to travel to the United States to network with their professional counterparts and to learn more about the United States and its policies. 

IVLP participant Raquel Beneby-Hart attends the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Summit at the United Nations in New York.

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