Better with a partner, even better with partnership


Executives of the Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) met recently with more than two dozen owners and operators of dining, lounging and shopping businesses at the nation’s busiest airport, LPIA in Nassau. The meeting brought together partners in an upcoming campaign aimed at making the guest experience in check-in and departure lounges better than ever with holiday cheers, special offers, gifts and entertainment. It’s all part of a product rebranding that will include greater social media presence, on-site digitalization and a few surprises under the overall theme, Your travel, Our pleasure.

The move, said executives, is especially timely with the increased traffic flowing through Nassau in the wake of Hurricane Dorian that left Grand Bahama and Abaco airports temporarily unable to accept international flights with hundreds of flights being diverted to Nassau before travelers board domestic flights to those islands. LPIA is the fourth busiest airport in the Bahamas and Caribbean region and handled more than 84,000 commercial flights carrying some 3.5 million passengers in 2018.

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