Cleveland Clinic Florida Lecture Draws Double Expected Crowd

Ana Luisa Uria, Cleveland Clinic’s Director of International Business and Shenika Nesbitt, local coordinator, enjoy a good laugh at the lecture.

It was double the expected crowd, standing room only, when Cleveland Clinic Florida partnered with local experts to present its first in a series of lectures on medical issues impacting Bahamians. The initial topic – prevalence of breast cancer in Bahamian women. With late stage cancer occurring in an abnormally high percentage of younger Bahamian women, findings and advances in treatment all reinforce what has been stressed all along – the number one key to survival and post-cancer quality of life is early detection. The ‘C’ word, once feared a death threat, today is a disease that, if caught early enough, is readily treatable with far more humane methods and a strong success rate.

The lecture series by the popular health facility is aimed at strengthening ties with local physicians offering Bahamians access to the latest research and treatment in partnership with local doctors. Along with Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands, local physicians included Dr. Locksley Munroe, general surgeon, and Dr. Arlington Lightbourne, Bahamas Wellness Health System. Director of the Maroone Cancer Center at Cleveland Clinic Florida Dr. Zeina Nahleh, certified in hematology and oncology, and the author of more than 50 published articles and two books, reminded the audience that long after October breast cancer month is over breast cancer continues and so should each woman’s attention to it.

Dr. Locksley Munroe’s graphic images showed danger of late detection and treatment.

Good company – Top docs are all ears at breast cancer lecture.

Q & A — Audience member asking questions during Q&A.

Good health shows — Nutrition coach Justice Brown and Nurse Lori-Anne Lightbourne share a laugh.

Breathe, just breathe – Wellness physician Dr. Arlington Lightbourne, Bahamas Wellness Clinic and Eleuthera Medical Clinic, explains relationship between stress and illness, including cancer.

Full house – More than 120 showed for Cleveland Clinic Florida-sponsored lecture on prevalence of breast cancer in The Bahamas.

Great 8 – Top local docs and Cleveland Clinic Florida.

On your mark, get set — Cancer support group Susan G Komen ‘Bahamas Race for the Cure’ helps guest with information.

Nahleh’s Knowledge – Dr. Zeina Nahleh heads Maroone Cancer Center at CCF and chairs the department of hematology and oncology

Personal brush — Diane Phillips, DP&A, emcee, connected with the audience as a longtime breast cancer survivor herself.

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