RBDF Medic Conducts Workshop

Marine Seaman Brendan Archer performing the correct procedure of a CPR technique during a First Aid Workshop on Tuesday November 19, 2019.

Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) personnel and the staff members stationed at the Cabinet Office are better equipped to render medical assistance to those in need after recently attending a First Aid and CPR Workshop by a member of the RBDF Medical Center. Led by Petty Officer Darrell Wright, the course was conducted at the Cabinet
Office, located in the Churchill Building, Downtown Bay Street on Tuesday November 19th 2019. It was designed to help participants preserve life until the patient receives higher medical attention.

Modules included Medical Emergency, Injury Emergency, Treating Strokes, Heart Attack, Choking and Seizures. Raquel Cargill, a staff member at the Cabinet Office and one of the participants, said that the course was timely and informative.

“For me, it was very educational because I was taught learned the basic information of what to do if somebody is in crisis”, said Ms. Cargill. “Petty Officer Wright was excellent with his wealth of information. As much as I learnt in this short time, I still want to know more. I feel like I’m ready to assist other persons who require immediate medical attention”.

On November 7th, instructors from the RBDF Medical Center conducted a workshop at the former Road Traffic Department, West Bay Street for personnel at the Pilot Bus Unification Project. The RBDF Medical Center is headed by Dr. Derwin Johnson.

Petty Officer Darrell Wright teaching participants during a First Aid Workshop on Tuesday November 19, 2019.

Petty Officer Darrell Wright ensuring that Able Woman Marine
Latoya Eve and Raquel Cargill apply the correct CPR technique during a First Aid Workshop on Thursday November 19, 2019.

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