Backyard Farming and Other Community Initiatives Take Root Again in GB

(BIS Photos/Lisa Davis)

Min. of Agriculture and Marine Resources, the Hon. Michael Pintard launched a backyard farming project in G.B on Wednesday, with the distribution of free farming starter kits to residents of the community. Minister Pintard, Member of Parliament for Marco City, said the backyard farming program is something that had gotten underway last year, but was halted because of Hurricane Dorian and then the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The government is committed to ensuring food security, that is to reduce the $600 million we’re spending on the importation of food and on fresh flowers,” said Minister Pintard. Backyard farming is one of several initiatives. “The second is community gardens, which we are developing throughout Grand Bahama; the third is commercial farming and we are working with the Grand Bahama Port Authority, IECA, as well as CARDI, two regional organizations to help develop commercial farmers.” Minister Pintard noted that the Bahamian government wants to be a part of the agriculture revolution that inspires local residents to grow their own produce, which in turn will help them to save money personally or to become commercial farmers.

Each Member of Parliament in Grand Bahama received 100 starter kits for residents of their respective constituencies at no cost. Residents were asked to register to get the free kits, which consisted of a variety of fruit and vegetable seeds, soil, fertilizer, flowerpots and apparatus to help with the hydroponics.

Over 100 residents in each constituency producing locally grown produce, Min. Pintard pointed out — will spur the creation of a number of Farmer’s Markets on Grand Bahama, which will be set up in each constituency. This will give residents an opportunity to sell the produce they have grown.

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