Bahamas’ 1st certified lamaze education Brenicka Smith helps women transition into motherhood


For expecting mothers, pregnancy can be a time filled with anxiety and uncertainty surrounding giving birth and transitioning into parenting. Primary OBGYNs provide guidance and support from a medical standpoint but who do families turn to for emotional and physical support while pregnant and during the birthing process? Enter Brenicka Smith, licensed Lamaze educator, trained massage therapist and owner of Prenatal Pampering- A Mother’s Spa. In January 2020, Smith became the first Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) in The Bahamas after completing a three-part training with Lamaze International based in Washington, D.C. The child birthing technique developed in the 1950s by French obstetrician Dr. Fernand Lamaze encourages healthy pregnancies and safe, natural birth experiences. Beyond the breathing techniques commonly associated with Lamaze, today’s educators work closely with primary physicians and families to simplify maternity-care decisions by providing the best information available to facilitate healthy deliveries 

Early on in her career, Smith connected with mothers-to-be while working as an assistant in the ultrasound department at Doctors Hospital. There, she fielded questions ranging from pregnancy discomfort to the actual process of labour and delivery. In 2011, Smith became a licensed massage therapist and finally settled on the niche market of massage services for expecting mothers when she launched her business Prenatal Pampering three years ago. “Initially, I wanted to provide a service specifically for expecting mothers where they could receive massages that were safe for both mommy and baby. Moving into the Lamaze training was a natural progression for my business as mothers often shared their concerns surrounding the birthing process, ” Smith explained. “As a Lamaze educator, my focus is being an advocate for parents and helping them to understand that childbearing is a normal, natural and healthy process. Through the Lamaze education families are provided with the tools needed to confidently prepare a birthing plan. ”

Prenatal Pampering clients also rely on the company’s services during the postpartum phase of pregnancy. “Once the baby is born, the attention naturally shifts to the child and new mothers are often overlooked.  Tremendous support is still required from a physical, mental and emotional standpoint as women make the transition from carrying a child, birthing a baby and now caring for a newborn. We are focused on supporting mothers throughout each stage.  Prenatal Pampering offers Lamaze coaching and in-house massages at Advanced Family Medical Center on Shirley Street and also provides at home services for women who are on bed rest for a portion of their pregnancy or who may find it difficult to leave their homes shortly after giving birth.

“My goal is to serve as a bridge between doctors and patients and ensure that women are confident as they approach giving birth and new motherhood. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.” Smith joined thousands around the world as they celebrated International Childbirth Educator week from January 25- 31st

To see a full range of services offered by Prenatal Pampering, follow them on Facebook @prenatalpampering or Instagram @amothersspa or call 242-821-2106 to set up a consultation.

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