Bahamas Charter Show Donation

The upcoming Bahamas Charter Show is hoping to raise $110K towards Ranfurly Homes For Children's Step Program, which is designed to provide young adults with a stepping-stone for the next phase of their lives. Pictured (l to r) Charter Director of Worldwide Boat, Katja Kukovic and Vice President of Ranfurly Homes For Children Joey Premock. Photo Credit: Kemuel Stubbs

All proceeds from the upcoming Bahamas Charter Show, slated for Feb. 27 – March 1, will go to the construction of a transitional home on the grounds of the Ranfurly Homes for Children. The new home will be a part of Ranfurly’s Step program, designed to give young adults 18 and over a stepping-stone for the next phase of their lives. The Bahamas Charter Show, which is being organized by Worldwide Boat, an international charter company, is hoping to raise $110,000 towards the effort. The inaugural event is being held in conjunction with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, Association of Bahamas Marinas and The Pointe. According to Charter Director at Worldwide Boat Katja Kukovic, the decision to donate to Ranfurly was an easy one.

“We want the event to make a very tangible contribution to the local community and so we decided to donate all the proceeds from the boat show to Ranfurly. We thought of Ranfurly because it is very close to our hearts. I have been involved with foster care over the past five years and I know the struggle that children who transit to adulthood
from foster care face,” she said.

“We hope to continue this contribution to Ranfurly every year, after every boat show,” Ms. Kukovic added. Vice President of Ranfurly Homes for Children Joey Premock said the donation is sorely needed.

“The Step program is new in the country. It is something new that we can take on and something we are hoping will grow in the foster care system in The Bahamas,” she said. “The occupants of the pod will live there with minimal rent and still be able to be mentored as they take the next step in their lives. Once they are 18, and they are no longer a part of social services it is very tough for them to go out into the world after they were cared for. It is something that is desperately needed.” The Bahamas Charter Show, which is designed to bring more yachting business to The Islands Of The Bahamas, will attract 22 yachts, 55 brokers and 107 crew. Writer Credit: Kendea Smith

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