Bahamas Mourns Barbados’ Former PM Passing

Former Barbados P.M Owen Authur

Writer: Macushla Pinder

The Bahamas joins in mourning the loss of one of the Caribbean’s “great sons,” Owen Arthur. Arthur, Barbados’ three-time prime minister, died early Monday morning, just days after being admitted to hospital for heart complications. He was 70.

Arthur was well known throughout the region for his passionate belief in the Caribbean civilization and his commitment to the CARICOM project. Progressive Liberal Party Chairman, Senator the Honourable Fred Mitchell today described Arthur’s death as a personal loss.

“I could always count on his counsel and the ability to recall some of the more arcane details of CARICOM in my present and past lives. He was a weighty presence at the many meetings which I attended as Foreign Minister on behalf of this country.  The Bahamas and Barbados are seated beside one another in most international meetings.  He always looked out for The Bahamas and for me at a personal level,” he said in a release.

Mr. Mitchell said he has informed both Opposition Leader, the Honourable Philip Davis and former Prime Minister the Rt. Honourable Perry Christie of Arthur’s passing. Messrs. Christie and Arthur reportedly shared aspirations for similar small island developing states and collaborated at CARICOM Heads of Government sessions.

Barbados today began its three days of national mourning. All flags are to be flown at half-mast.

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