Bahamas Welcomes Cuban Health Care Professionals To Strengthen Services Across The Island


The Ministry of Health & Wellness is pleased to announce the arrival of thirty-seven (37) health professionals from the Republic of Cuba as part of a recruitment exercise aimed at bolstering our in-country healthcare services. These skilled professionals who include: x-ray technicians, physiotherapists, laboratory technicians, biomedical engineers and epidemiologists will play key roles in enhancing health delivery services on New Providence and the Family Islands.

These health professionals will undergo a one-month orientation program to familiarize themselves with the Bahamian healthcare system. This orientation period ensures they are well-prepared to provide optimal support in healthcare facilities across the country. Minister of Health & Wellness, the Hon. Dr. Michael R. Darville expressed appreciation for the continued partnership between the Government of The Bahamas and the Government of the Republic of Cuba. “The healthcare workforce is the greatest asset of my Ministry and ensuring that human resource gaps are solved in the short, medium and long term is a priority” stated Minister Darville.

The Ministry of Health & Wellness is committed to addressing the healthcare needs of our communities both in the capital and on our Family Islands. We look forward to working alongside these health professionals during their contractual arrangement in the Bahamas.