Bahamasair Reduces Schedule


The national flag carrier will next week operate on a reduced schedule, which is expected to change as demands come increase, according to the airline’s Managing Director, Tracy Cooper.

“We will adjust ourselves accordingly,” he said.

“This schedule that we have is pretty much the schedule we had when we stopped flying where the demand for service was going down and we had to cut down on the flights…We look forward to Phase 5.  We will then provide an international component to this and expand the schedule, but we don’t anticipate really starting a true summer schedule until somewhere around the last week of June 1st, the first week of July.”

Mr. Cooper went on to advise travelers to arrive early for their flights.

“If you come to the airport 45 minutes before a flight, you probably will not get on a plane. So, try to be to the airport at least two hours ahead for domestic and three hours for international. All passengers going on Bahamasair will be required to have on a face protection or face mask. As a matter of fact, you won’t be able to get into the airport if you don’t have that mask on,” he said.

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