Bahamians traveling to COVID 19 High Risk jurisdictions


The Min. of Foreign Affairs wishes to advise the traveling public to monitor the regular bulletins and announcements from the Ministry of Health concerning the increasing number of countries and jurisdictions experiencing high risk for exposure to Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. These countries and specific areas within these countries are constantly being updated by the World Health Organization and can be found on its web site at

The Ministry advises the public that non-essential travel to these areas is strongly discouraged. Persons who must travel should expect to be routinely screened and tested and, if necessary, quarantined for up to fourteen days in those jurisdictions and subject to additional screening on return to The Bahamas. When traveling in general, Bahamians are advised to take special precautions to minimize exposure to this virus and practice basic personal hygiene, including the washing of hands, to reduce the chance of contracting it.

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