The Bahamas National Youth Choir is set to perform for the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III in May.

Director of the Choir Dexter Fernander shared details of the upcoming performance with ZNS News. He said, “after submissions which is the deadline on Monday they will select individuals for other countries that will be invited to be that three hundred voice choir. Hopefully we can get six of our Bahamians in there. The selection happens after the submission on Monday and we’ll know exactly the contingent that will be able to go to London but we will still be part of the virtual concert.”

Fernander says that finding appropriate wardrobe for the occasion has been a challenge, “we went into the studios did our voice and submitted all those too for approvals. The challenge has been to identify a Bahamian costume, native costume that does not have branding or labels on it. Finding unique places on a tight schedule and tight budget that would represent the country to the best. What would identify us from an African country or other people in the diaspora.”

The coronation is set for May 6th in London where His Majesty will be formally crowned after ascending to the throne following the death of his mother Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.