BPL – Suspension of Disconnections


Bahamas Power and Light Company Ltd. announced on Wednesday that it wouldcontinue to suspend disconnections as long as the Government of The Bahamas maintains emergency orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. BPL CEO Whitney Heastie explained. “The COVID-19 pandemic has presented enormous challenges. When the government went to 24-hour curfew, as part of our efforts to ease the pain and stress of our fellow Bahamians, we suspended disconnections through March 31. “Per our discussions with the government, I am happy to announce that the suspension of BPL disconnections will continue for as long as the government maintains emergency orders.”
The CEO encouraged Bahamians and residents to observe the curfew and the shelter-in-place orders. To that end, he highlighted the many electronic avenues through which customers can interact with BPL.

 Customers can pay via telephone at 302-1130 through 302-1142.
 Customers can pay online at our website http://www.bplco.com.
 Customers who have issues with logging into the online system can call 225-5275 (CALL BPL) or email pinreset@bplco.com for assistance with that particular issue.
 Customers can pay online through private banks by selecting BPL as a payee through the private bank’s bill paying mechanism.

Mr. Heastie said, “Again, we recognize this is a difficult time. That’s why together with the government we have introduced deferred payments for those directly affected by COVID-19. Our COVID-19 Relief Programme covers three categories of persons: residential customers who are diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, residential customers who are in quarantine due to the virus, and residential customers have been laid off as a result of the virus.” The BPL COVID-19 Relief Programme allows customers who meet the criteria listed to defer payments on their BPL bills for an initial period of three months. For qualification and registration criteria, customers can email
covid19@bplco.com or use CALL-BPL.

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