BPL – Winter Action Plan


Bahamas Power and Light (BPL), announced the launch of their “Winter Action Plan” today with work set to commence on a generator unit at Station B of the Clifton Pier Power Station. This is the first step in a comprehensive months long plan to ensure working generation units are properly brought offline for annual servicing and maintenance which in turn should extend the life of the unit.

Much of the maintenance needs have been neglected over previous years leaving aging generation units teetering on the brink, and causing intermittent shut downs as the machines labor under untenable conditions.

“Part of our commitment to righting the ship at BPL is implementing a comprehensive machine servicing and maintenance plan during the non-peak seasons,” said Whitney Heastie, CEO of Bahamas Power and Light. “Our goal is to make better use of those times to properly service and maintain the equipment and generation units we have on hand to ensure they are ready for the high-demand summer months. Proper procedures have been ignored and neglected for far too long, causing catastrophic system failures – we are working to make that a thing of the past by doing the necessary work to service the equipment.”

Generation unit DA13 has been targeted for the initial phase of the Winter Action Plan. DA13 has been in service at Clifton Pier since 2006, and accounts for up to 18 MW of power on a daily basis. The unit will be taken offline for a full system diagnostic along with needed servicing before being brought back onto the grid in early March. The work schedule is designed to avoid any disruption in service for customers as the work on the machine commences. “Much of the work we can and should be doing in the non-peak season better prepares us to have the necessary capacity during the high peak seasons – like the summer. As we have stated before, the entire team here at BPL is committed to make sure we avoid a repeat of the summer we just went through, and we know righting the ship starts with servicing and maintaining the units that we have.

We won’t waver in that commitment to our customers. The Winter Action Plan is Bahamas Power and Light Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC). BPL, the premier provider of electricity in The Bahamas, operating generation, transmission and distribution systems throughout the archipelagic nation. The company operates 30 generating plants in 25 island locations and has more than 100,000 customers. Another critical piece of our overall plan along with last month’s launch of the new Station A, with much more to come,” Heastie concluded.

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