BREEF wins first place at Global Sustainability Film Awards

Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation wins award for film "BREEF & Rolex, Preserve and Protect Nature"

Receiving top honors at the Global Sustainability Film Awards in London, the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation won first place for the 4-minute film, “BREEF & Rolex, Preserve and Protect Nature”.

The film features BREEF Executive Director, Casuarina McKinney-Lambert who narrates, talking about her experience growing up on the island of Eleuthera. She says that the non-profit organization is honored to have received the award amongst the many other incredible entries that were also sent in from countries around the world.

“We really hope that this film will expose people around the world to the incredible beauty of Eleuthera. Eleuthera is the island where I was born and its really spectacular” McKinney-Lambert said.

“All the way from the far southern tip, which is Lighthouse Point, an incredible place that absolutely needs to be protected for future generations of Bahamians and visitors to enjoy and all the way to Harbor Island in the north.”

Since 2009, BREEF has been running eco-schools in the Bahamas. Presently, there are 34 of them across the archipelago. A few of these schools, including the first eco-school in the Bahamas, Deep Creek Middle School, were highlighted in the award-winning film.

The video draws attention to sustainability efforts local youth are taking to maintain the Bahamian way of life in a country that is heavily impacted by climate change.”The children at Deep Creek Middle School really have been leading the way in the Bahamas and globally; addressing issues of single-use plastics, and sustainability in general

“And then our newest Eco-school that has recently joined the Bahamas Eco-schools’ network is the Harbor Island Green School. They are also doing great things linking together environmental sustainability with social sustainability as well and making sure that communities are well taken care of” McKinney-Lambert said.

“Preserve and Protect Nature” features stunning shots paired with top tier production quality. The film was directed by award-winning filmmaker, Fran Mendez and includes underwater footage by the world-renowned Bahamian photographer, Andre Musgrove. McKinney-Lambert said that they were thrilled with the outcome and owe it to the next generation to support them.

“BREEF has been recognized by Rolex and their Perpetual Planet Initiative and they are supporting our work with eco-schools around the country. We are very Grateful for that support” she said.

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