BTC celebrates Earth Day with JA Company

JA President Noel Seymour makes Garden Buddies Deliveries.

BTC marked the 50 th anniversary of Earth Day with its Junior Achievement (JA) company, BTC Horizon. The COVID-19 pandemic presented a big opportunity for Achievers to further promote their self-starter ‘Garden Buddies’ product. JA Pres., Noel Seymour said, “A lot of people have reached out to us on social media wanting to begin their vegetable gardens, especially since the country is still in a
curfew period.

In one evening alone, we were able to fill almost four hundred orders. We are inspired to see so many Bahamians wanting to be more health-conscious and eco- friendly.” ‘Garden Buddies’ is BTC Horizon’s product for 2020. The product is a self-contained home starter garden kit with the seeds of your choice. Seed options include onion, kale, thyme, tomato, sweet pepper, and okra. Once the seeds begin to germinate, they can be planted in the ground in the same container.

JA President Noel Seymour makes Garden Buddies Deliveries.

Senior Manager for Communications, Indira Collie said, “Earth Day is very important to us as BTC strongly believes in building a sustainable future for The Bahamas. We are proud of the work of our Achievers, even during this pandemic. The essence of the JA program is to foster work-readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. In short,
preparing students to survive in the next chapter of their lives. We continue to see the noticeable dividends as evidenced by the thousands of students who have passed through this program and are leading successful lives.” To support the BTC Horizon JA company,

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