BTC Digitizes Learning & Recruitment Tools


BTC has announced that the company has completed the digitization of its learning and recruitment processes with the aim of providing on-
demand learning opportunities for colleagues and improving the efficiency of the recruitment process. The entire recruitment process is now conducted digitally. Job opportunities for all areas in the business are posted on BTC’s LinkedIn page, with the requirements and the job description.

Interested applicants can respond directly to the job opportunity on LinkedIn. Once the applicant meets the requirements, the process is initiated. Director of People, K. Darron Turnquest said the use of LinkedIn for recruitment purposes is just another way that BTC is leading the way. “We’re going digital! Daily, we receive countless resumes and calls from people interested in joining the BTC team. LinkedIn gives us a wider reach and allows us to communicate directly with prospective candidates in an efficient manner.

By doing this we’ve reduced the number of hours the team has previously had to use to scour through and manually file resumes. Candidates can respond directly to jobs that suit their needs. When there are no available jobs, LinkedIn also allows a prospective applicant to turn on notifications that would advise them when there is an opportunity available that fits their skill set. This is a positive step in the right direction.”

LinkedIn also stores candidate information to find future recommended matches if the applicant is not successful in the current opportunity. Candidates can also be pinpointed based on filters including, “open to work” and “active talent”.

In addition to using LinkedIn as a recruitment tool, BTC has empowered every single colleague to take their learning into their own hands using LinkedIn Learning. Turnquest continued, “As a telecoms business, constant transformation is essential to our survival, what we did yesterday has changed and we must continuously evolve to meet the needs of our customers. This is why we believe that our colleagues should always be learning, and this is why we’ve placed a tool like LinkedIn Learning in the hands of every full-time employee. This added benefit gives the individual the sense of responsibility for their own development. Managers can also use the tool to develop annual learning plans for their teams.

The program is fully digital, so employees have access 24/7.”

Colleagues have access to a plethora of content, and the opportunity to learn skills and gain certifications even outside of their areas of employment. Currently the most popular courses revolve around effective communication, positive customer experience, emotional intelligence, and project management.

“BTC wholeheartedly endorses LinkedIn Learning, and we are proud that our parent company, Liberty Latin America provides this benefit for all colleagues. We know that there is tremendous value in on-the-job learning, however by using LinkedIn Learning colleagues have access to over 16,000 interactive online courses,” Turnquest ended.

BTC can be found on LinkedIn as The Bahamas Telecommunications Company or BTC Business. BTC continues to be the employer of choice, and earlier this year eliminated all parental leave restrictions, and now enables all full-time colleagues to take advantage of parental leave from their first day of employment. BTC has also introduced its new People Resource Center, a fully digital platform which allows employees to take the driver’s seat in their performance management and vacation management. Colleagues are also able to access employment letters and pay slips using this digital format which can be accessed through their mobile phones and using a laptop.